Home News Aderinokun calls-out Ogun govt over hunger, underdevelopment

Aderinokun calls-out Ogun govt over hunger, underdevelopment


A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chief Olumide Aderinokun has berated the Ogun state govt over the alleged level of hunger and underdevelopment in Ogun State, saying “It is nothing to write home about”.

The Akinruyiwa of Owu Kingdom berated the bad conditions of roads in the District despite being the economic hub of the state.

The co-founder of a non-governmental organisation, Olumide & Stephanie Aderinokun Foundation, laments the harsh economic condition in Ogun State.

Through the foundation, Chief Aderinokun is supporting the people in Ogun Central Senatorial district with interest-free loans, borehole projects, scholarships for students and football competition for talents discovery amongst many others.

“There is much hunger in the land, people don’t have food to eat everywhere. Even the teachers recruited in over a year, are yet to start so tell me how this government is doing things right,” Chief Aderinokun said in a radio interview.

“I was in Ifo and Ewekoro a few days and the conditions of the roads have worsened which is pathetic. If this government can tell us what has been done right, then we can analyse it to know where we are going.

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“It is even difficult to sleep with two eyes closed nowadays. They are clueless about governance but my prayer is that God should keep us united for the remaining 16 months left for them to carry their bags.”

The seasoned politician who has nurtured his career in farming, technology and property development, disclosed that he has no other motive in politics than to join in the process to make sure people are getting their actual benefits.

Chief Aderinokun added: “I’ve been in PDP since I entered politics and I cannot forget where I come from. If I want to contest in any election tomorrow, it is still the same party I will raise the flag.

“For instance, during the 2019 crisis in Ogun State PDP when we had two factions, I can count the number of us in Ogun Central Senatorial District that remains in the authentic party recognised by the court and the national leadership of the party.

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“Amosun was a friend to my late brother, Tayo and if I were greedy, I would have approached him for political appointment. I’m not that kind of person, I am after the betterment of my people and putting smiles on their faces.”


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