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Andy Uba rejects Anambra Gov Poll results


spokesperson of the campaign organisation of APC flag bearer, Amb. Jerry Ugokwe, in a statement in Abuja, alleged the outcome of the election was a charade and did not reflect the wishes of the people of Anambra State.

He said: “Our popular candidate, Senator Andy Uba is a victim of widespread electoral fraud and manipulation by INEC in cohorts with the Willie Obiano Regime and the security forces deployed to oversee the Anambra State Governorship Election.

“The elections were characterised by wiThe Senator Andy Uba Campaign Organisation has rejected the result of the just-concluded Anambra Governorship election that returned Prof. Charles Soludo of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) as Governor-elect.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Wednesday morning declared the APGA candidate winner of the November 6 election.

But the spokedespread irregularities, intimidation, and voter suppression to clear the path for the inglorious ‘victory’ of APGA in the polls.”

Citing irregularities that marred the election, Ugokwe said: “For instance, in polling units where the Biometric Voters’ Accreditation System malfunctioned, INEC went ahead to conduct the elections manually. There were numerous cases where votes announced by INEC exceeded the number of accredited voters in polling units.

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“Another clear manifestation of collusion between the Obiano Administration and INEC was the publishing of results on the Social Media handles of APGA even before the official announcement by INEC. Yet mysteriously, the votes announced in advance by APGA always corresponded correctly with the official figures released by INEC.”

Faulting the results announced by the electoral body, the campaign organisation argued: “It is inconceivable that our candidate, who polled over 200,000 votes in the APC primary election would be allocated slightly above 43,000 votes by INEC.

“It is surprising that APGA that lost almost 80% of its stalwarts through defection to the APC before the election came out ‘victorious’.

“A sitting APGA Deputy Governor, seven members of the House of Representatives, 10 members of the Anambra State House of Assembly, the APGA party’s member of Board of Trustees, many serving SA’s, SSA’s, in addition to a serving PDP Senator all defected to the APC very timely before the election, yet APGA emerged ‘. This is quite ridiculous!

“From all indications, the only people remaining in APGA at the time of the election were Governor Obiano and his household and a few staff of the Government House as well as Prof. Soludo and his household but the majority of the electorates in Anambra State have moved to the APC.

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“There was no way the carcass of APGA could have defeated the APC without the active collusion and manipulation by INEC and the Obiano Administration.”

The organization maintained that “What happened on November 6, 2021 fell far below the acceptable standard of a free and fair election and can best be described as an electoral fraud perpetrated by the INEC, Willie Obiano Administration, and the security forces.”


  1. Shame has disappeared from people’s faces in Nigeria. One thing Politicians in Nigeria should begin to understand is that the electorates are becoming wiser and would not follow the tide of elites defections but go after candidates of substance. The APC came a distant third in the election, an indication that Uba got what he deserved. I hope the judiciary will not repeat the Imo aberration.

  2. There’s no limit, it seems, to the extent of “Dr” Emmanuel Andy Uba’s audacity and impunity — I shudder to think of what would have become of Anambra State if this charlatan was afforded official leverage as the governor even for a month.
    How come, Mr Uba, you “won” the APC purported, so-called primary election with over 231,000 votes but were able to muster a total of about 43,000 votes in the general election? So where did the nearly net 200,000 disappear into, not even counting the crossover voters from the other parties.
    Mr Uba, if you are aiming to replicate the Imo Supreme Court shenanigans here, a rude awakening awaits you! ’nuff said.


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