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Authorities place N200k bounty on inmate who escaped prison during gunmen attack


The Nigerian Correctional Service has placed a N200,000 bounty on Chidi Nwankwo, an inmate who was set free after gunmen attacked and killed two prison officers in Anambra.

The spokesperson of the NCoS Anambra Command, Francis Ekezie disclosed this on Monday in a statement, adding that the 46-year-old inmate was forcefully released after his gang members killed the prison officials.

According to Ekezie, the inmate (Nwankwo) is standing trial at the magistrates court 2 Nanka after his brother whom he stood for as guarantor in a trial escaped.

“This is the face of the inmate whose gang members allegedly attacked the Nigerian Correctional Service escort vehicle on its way from the court at Nanka, Anambra State. He was forcefully released after killing the escort NCoS personnel and a police officer,” Ekezie said.

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“Chidi Nwankwo is accused of assisting his brother, Anayo NWANKWO who was being tried for arson to escape. Anayo NWAKWO was said to have pretended to be ill when a prosecutor arraigned him for trial at the Magistrates Court 2, Nanka on the 8th of March 2021, prompting the Magistrate to release him for medical attention and CHIDI stood as his guarantor.

“Eventually, Anayo escaped hence, Chidi, who stood in as his guarantor was arrested for aiding the escape of his brother, Anayo.

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