Home Entertainment #BBNaija 2021: Wild Reactions As Maria Get Evicted From BBNaija House

#BBNaija 2021: Wild Reactions As Maria Get Evicted From BBNaija House


2021 BBNaija housemate, Maria has been evited and her eviction was greeted with wild reactions from patrons of the show.

The live show of tonight saw the eviction of three housemates, JMK, Sammie, and Maria out of the six housemates, who were nominated earlier in the week.

JMK, Sammie, Queen, Pere, Cross and Maria were all up for eviction this week and fans were given the opportunity to vote and keep their favourite housemate in the house.

Unfortunately, the bottom three, JMK, Sammie and Maria were evicted from the show cause they had the least votes. Here’s how viewers voted for their favourite housemates this week. Pere had 14.17%, followed by Maria with 13.73% and then Sammie with 10.21% and the least votes were for JMK with 4.64%.

With the latest three evicted from the Big Brother house, and five evicted in the previous weeks, and also one housemate excused from the show because of his health, meaning nine housemates are out of the house, just 13 housemates are left to vie for the grand prize worth 90 million till the end of the sixth season of the show.

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Some reactions after she was evicted are;

@suzysue24gmail1 – So bestie’s fans didn’t vote for Maria… Earth is hard for real

@tii_parker – People with worse attitude than Maria had stayed longer in the game Y’all didn’t vote periodt yen yen yen

@AnnaMomodu_ – I also thought @BBNaija were gonna protect Maria cause of the stunt she pulled for them last week. I’m confused as to why they just let her burn, unless it was deliberate.

@sirowenjnr – Maria has a huge fan base people where busy voting for their Fav’s you guy relaxed now is evident that she doesn’t have any fans in real life lol

@MomohOshone – Last year taught us you don’t have to stay the house till the last day to be the biggest Maria you are a star

@whiteliquorbbn – Maria broke the record of the most beautiful and fly girl in the history of BBN to be evicted after a Month into the show

@Rhoda1Bree – Maria left because some of her fans shared vote with Pere thinking they are strong.

@SaVaGeMCFC_ – Rememberwhen whitemoney told Maria that she’s not a threat to him and all 10 Maria Stans dragged him on Twitter

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@Chantellemarcu – Maria “fans” were too busy trashing and obsessing over Angel they didn’t even vote to keep their precious fave from getting evicted.

@JosephDuah – If Saga, Saskay, JackieB, JayPaul and Nini are still in the house and Maria is evicted then everyone must be put up for eviction

@benedictaee – Like I don’t watch #BBNaija but with amount of Maria stans I see on twitter, her eviction is very very surprising. Didn’t even cross the mind. Weird.


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