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Buhari and Oyedepo are birds of the same feather– Nigerians react


A cross section of Nigerians has reacted to the latest backlash by Bishop David Oyedepo of the Winners Chapel against President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Oyedepo, during Sunday service described Buhari’s government as the worst in Nigeria’s history and a curse to the nation.

The cleric who has been a staunch critic of Buhari’s government said the president’s days were numbered even as he lamented again about the hate speech bill.

Oyedepo stressed that Buhari’s government has no direction for Nigeria as a whole.

His statement has since stirred reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Some Nigerians backed Oyedepo on his statement about the state of the nation even as others described the cleric as being political and part of the opposition party, PDP.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter…

@D_davidyatta “Does Oyedepo find time to preach the Word of God with all the attention he spends on politics and Buhari..
People in Winners, are you guys still in a church or PDP annex.Will none of his sons/daughters send him an anonymous letter, calling back from the edge of madness.”

@King_modulusi “When they fail to speak up against government you will still complain. Hypocrites everywhere.”

@papilo “You all can hate Bishop Oyedepo for all I care, but he’s never shying away from telling the government the truth! You all hate him because your favorite G.Os are scared cos of the benefits they receive from the government and easy access to Aso Rock.”

@Iamroyaltea1 “It is only in Nigeria that someone will speak up and pple will be slamming him for speaking up.

“He(Oyedepo) is saying the truth/fact that the Buhari regime is the worst thing that has happened to Nigeria.You’re slamming him and in your heart you agree.Your brain is not working.”

@Mobamz_ “You all slamming Bishop David Oyedepo are just confused human beings. If a man of God doesn’t slam the government for their acts you guys would talk if they do you would still yan okoto meow. Don’t forget that Buhari just borrowed $22.7B of which Aribaribe questioned somethings!

@Hibeekay45 “Your fellow Country men are killed like chickens on daily basis, People are hungry, people are jobless and homeless yet you attack those asking Buhari to do his job.

“You people will not end well. Better get a life, keep attacking Oyedepo.”

@Obi_nwosu “The loss of innocent lives to killer herdsmen is alarming. And yet we have not seen any killer herdsmen arrested. Bishop Oyedepo is just bluntly expressing his displeasure.”

@F_mjulius “May I not become so daft to think that Bishop Oyedepo is speaking the truth to power because some tap has been closed. Huh? Oyedepo has no business with poverty again & demanding for a better governance is in the best interest of the Nation. Y’ll can do better.”

@tequanev “Bishop Oyedepo for me is the only man of God that speaks out. The rest act like everything is alright.You are saying crazy stuffs about Bishop Oyedepo cos you ain’t in this same Nigeria or you just wanna be an hypocrite.”

@Funshographix “Politicians, they use the money of the public to acquire private properties that the poor cannot afford. Pastors, well we all know the truth. They do the same thing.There’s no difference between Buhari and Oyedepo. They’re both stealing from the people to enrich their pockets.”

@hennyisland “Anyone that thinks Bishop Oyedepo’s comment on Buhari is political is part of Nigeria’s problem. Bishop Oyedepo is a concerned Nigerian and it’s a good thing people high up like him is speaking up against bad governance.Buhari is a disaster, the worst president Nigeria ever had.”

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