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Coronavirus: Man forcefully quarantined his wife


A woman in Vilnius, Lithuania, had to phone police for help after being held captive by her husband, who thought she had coronavirus, in their bathroom.

A woman was held captive in her bathroom after her husband became worried she could give him coronavirus.

Police were called to the couple’s apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania, when the woman phoned for help and told them she was locked in her bathroom.

The bizarre incident took place after the man found out his wife had met a Chinese woman who had been in Italy, the country in Europe which has been worst-hit by the flu-like virus.

The man claimed to have acted on the advice of medics when he forcefully quarantined his wife.

He said he had been “consulting on the phone with doctors” on how to avoid infection, police say.

To date, Lithuania has only had one reported case of coronavirus, which was confirmed by the country’s health ministry on Friday.

The government has since said it will deploy troops to airports and borders in an effort to stop it from spreading.

The woman has since taken a test for the virus as a precaution, which has come back negative.

She has not pressed charges against her husband and no arrests were made.

Italy, where there have now been 52 deaths and 1,835 confirmed cases, has borne the brunt of the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe.

The virus first appeared in Wuhan, China in December last year but has since spread across the globe.

The UK now has a total of 39 confirmed cases.

Today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is unveiling the Government’s ‘battle plans’ for tackling the spread of coronavirus, which could result in people being discouraged from unnecessary travel and doctors and nurses being brought out of retirement to help treat patients.

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