Home News Corruption is a resident evil in present day Nigeria – ICPC

Corruption is a resident evil in present day Nigeria – ICPC


The 2021 Batch B Stream 2 Corps Members had an exclusive session with the ICPC representative, Ms. Ingobro Winifred, as she lectured them on the effects of corruption on present day vibrant Nigerian youths where she informed them that it is a resident evil amongst them.

She defined key terms such as ICPC and corruption. In her words, “corruption can either be active or passive, and Nigerian youths are not expected to excuse themselves from the present day resident evil”.

Furthermore, she highlighted the mediums and effects of corruption including tribalism, nepotism, favouritism, among others.

Moreso, Winifred urged the members to take up the mantle of change and not take part in or fund any means of corruption. She also encouraged them to open up to the right authorities and take up positions in order to foster change.

Additionally, she listed the three mandates of ICPC: enforcement, preventive methods, national ethics and integrity policy, while detailing their policies and effective functionality applied in order to correct certain ills and foster change.

“The Anti-corruption CDS group is for people who are passionate about fighting against corruption,” she added.

She went on to implore the Corps Members to join the group, suggesting that they can organise talks and seminars in their various places of primary assignment to sensitize young people on why they should shun corrupt practices.


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