Home News Governor Matawalle Reveals Those Behind Killings, Kidnappings, Others In Zamfara, North

Governor Matawalle Reveals Those Behind Killings, Kidnappings, Others In Zamfara, North




Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara State has claimed that politicians are behind the violent killings taking place in the north.


Recall that bandits have been on a killing spree, kidnapping and destroying home and properties.


The governor stated that some politicians are actively working to frustrate moves to restore peace to the north west state.


According to Matawalle, democracy is “suppose to be the government of the people by the people” and not a do-or-die affair.


On the recent bandit attack on the Nigeria Defence Academy, NDA, the governor lamented that no where is safe in Nigeria anymore.


Matawalle called on relevant stakeholders to urgently put measures in place to address the ugly trend.


“It is unfortunate if the bandits can go up to NDA and kidnap the officers. I think the government has to look into it and maybe declare a state of emergency on security in the entire northern region,” he told Daily Post in a telephone interview.

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“Some people have been calling on the government to declare a state of emergency on education and other sectors but the lives of the citizens are more valuable than education.

“I still insist that state of emergency has to be declared first on security so that the security personnel can be mobilised for more purposeful assignments in some parts of the country to deal with these criminals.

“If Zamfara to Sokoto could not be accessed due to insecurity, we are in trouble. Many of our rural areas are inaccessible as a result of banditry and the bandits have taken over many parts of the state.


” Even my administration’s jingles towards ending insecurity in the state has proved unsuccessful because politicians are sabotaging my efforts.”

The governor stated that he grieves with people of the state as he does not want to be seen as a governors that does not care.

He stated that his administration is working round the clock with the Police Commissioner on how to make people sleep with their two eyes closed.

He pointed out that the issue of security is for all the citizens, not just for the security personnel or the government.

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“But it is unfortunate that here in the North, some politicians are happy with what is happening because they think that when people are being killed, they have the chance to come out and campaign; to blackmail the sitting Governors, the President and other politicians,” he added.


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