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How Emmanuella Became A global YouTube Sensation


Emmanuella Samuel, popularly called Emmanuella is a young Nigerian YouTube sensation. She is a famous nine-year-old comedian and the first-ever Nigerian to hit a million subscribers on YouTube. This feat was recorded in 2017.

Emmanuella captures the heart of her fans even without telling any jokes. She is appreciated for her smart personality and creative side. Despite being a star, she is still a primary school student at Brighten School in Port Harcourt. She is from Imo state but grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

She became part of the Mark Angel Comedy team when he needed some kids for his comedy shoot. Amongst all the children who came for the shoot, Emmanuella excelled despite the eighteen-hour long video shoot. Her fame started after the comedy skit “This is not my real face oh”. This short skit got featured on CNN’s Facebook page.

This video currently has 6.2 million views on YouTube.

Mark Angel and Emmanuella have created a great team. They have a lot of viral videos on their YouTube which keep their fans intrigued. They currently have over 200 videos on YouTube. Obviously, Emmanuella is an important reason behind Mark Angel Comedy group’s success.

According to Mark, “I allow her to express herself as a child. So, my approach is allowing Emmanuella to have fun in front of the camera”. In an interview with CNN, Emmanuella says, “Asides Comedy, I love fashion and I’d want to be a makeup artist”.

Between 2015- 2017, Emmanuella’s fame was at its peak and everyone loved her. What makes her stand out is how she delivers her line with dead-pan expressions. This has earned her a number of awards, including the Niger Delta Special Talent Award, City People Award, Prominent Kid Comedienne and Princess of Comedy, both from Australia. She has also starred on a CNN show back in 2016.

In 2018, Emmanuella shared in an Instagram post that there might be a Disney collaboration in the near future.

She can be described as a large inspiration to young talented children. Her popularity makes her one of the most influential young comedians, not only in Africa but in the world.

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