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Wolf Group: The Growth of A Friend’s Business


3 and half years ago, a friend of mine (Uthman Mahroof Wolf) from secondary school days who I have known for ten years now (since 2011) conceived the idea of founding a company. After preliminary research on his part, he contacted me late 2018 for what later turned out to be torrents of discussions, brainstorming and exchange of ideas.

Till now I am unbothered with his choice of me and though, I appear unconcernedly I won’t mind if he tells me though.

Back to rail: honestly, his plans were heterogeneous, voluminous and seemly impossible. We would spend hours talking, assessing, mapping out, ruling out past conclusions, etc. What he wanted to do was ‘impossible’ and why didn’t I just tell him? He struck me with a deep sense of commitment, passion and knowledge of what he was about to do. Those were enough for me. He looked like he knew what he was saying.

Honestly, I didn’t know if I had been much of a help to him, but he always come back to me.

There were times he would go offline with sole excuse of wanting to know more. Those times he would tell me that he was going to be busy for so-so number of days.

We were still on these discussions COVID-19 came. He started Wolf Group during COVID-19. He told me that he realized he had spent a lot of time on plannings and had to get the ball rolling. Just get the ball rolling, anyhow.

We still continued to exchange ideas after he had started, and ALWAYS consulting with me on even minimal things range from location of office to furniture!

What seemly impossible is a multi-million Naira project today, and I got to understand today I wasn’t alone in thinking he had too much to do on his hands then.

His most constant quote that never fails to get to me is “If you refuse to help your friends in their various endeavours, it’s poor people that will populate your ceremonies. And they are your friends you refused to help”.


We are in the business of making our products and services viable for our stakeholders at various levels. By being part of the Wolf Group, you’re putting yourself on the path of profit with these in mind towards creating a sustainable business and financial system, Wolf Group has created 4 flexible partnership packages for both new and existing partners to partners in our profitable businesses ranging from ICT, Logistics, Agriculture, Real Estate and Constructions.
The packages are:
Lite 5% Monthly
20k to 99k
Minimum partnership period 6 months

Standard 10% Monthly
100k to 500k
Minimum partnership period 6 months

Premium 12%Monthly
501k to 1M
Minimum partnership period 8 months

Executive 13.5% Monthly
1.1M – 5M
Minimum partnership period 12 months


Uthman Mahroof Wolf and I didn’t know much about ourselves in secondary school days. I was an R (used for Arts) student and he, Science. However, I was notorious for scallywag and I was a brilliant student. Also I headed the school B guys. So it’s no big thing to say that I had good luck with popularity.

Wolf on his part and his gang were very good at computer stuff. There were many reports against them in the school Cafe, and majorly centered on stopping allocated time on computers.

Jimson Jaat Taofik


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