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I Am Still Active Because I Flow With The Trend – Charles Inojie Speaks Up




Charles Inojie

Charles Inojie, the ace Nigerian actor, has said that he is grateful that over the years his acting has resonated well with his audience.

The 51-year-old actor also noted that he has enjoyed being in the movie industry because he keeps himself updated and flows with the trend.

In an interview with SUNDAY SCOOP, the actor said, “What I do is not just to bring food on the table, it is a calling. Professionally, if you see yourself in that light, you try not to confine yourself to a particular time or age. I try to flow with the trend without losing my core values.

“I have done more directing than acting. It’s just that my acting resonates well with the audience. Sometimes, people do not know that I can do other roles apart from what I am being asked to do. I started off in the industry as a writer before I started directing. Acting was a later day calling and because of the razzmatazz that comes in front of camera visibility, people tend to see that more.”

The actor further added that “I am a trained actor and there is nowhere in drama school that people are taught to be funny. I believe that having a natural propensity to be humorous is innate. It is not something you learn or pick from any textbook. What one can learn is acting. Now, deploying what you have learnt to produce humour is a gift that has to be evident in the individual actor.”

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