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IF THEY WERE GOD – Republican Newspaper,Nigeria


If they were God,

And the space is this much resource bound

Like the earth is much blessed with sound
The space would have been long ago stopped
From accommodating neither a lady nor a lad
Because of their hearts glued with greed
Their stomach broadens to the side
So big that it cant again be filled
And never would they be satisfied

If they were God
And there is a need for sun to brighten the day
And at night calls for moon to travel in its ray
That is enough for them to say
You all have to pay
And if you are not ready to obey
You can fade yourself away
In the course of finding another way,
Our temper will begin to fray

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If they were God
And man needs air to breathe
Like a farmer yearns for seed
And in dire need of heavy downpour
Like a sick man longs for paracetamol
All would be based on license
For man to utilise the nature
In order to secure the future.

HARLEY-ZENITH is a linguist, professional social media analyst and content creator.

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