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“If we begin talk wetin your so called sister dey do inside her marriage everywhere go scatter” – Brother of married man Maria was accused of snatching, fires back at Cubana Chief Priest, opens up on why his brother’s marriage crashed



Brother of married man, Kelvin who reality star, Maria was accused of snatching from his wife has fired back at celebrity barman, Cubana Chief priest.

The drama started when the socialite took to his Instagram page to alleged that the Big Brother Naija star snatched his sister’s husband and even threatened her to leave her marriage.

“@mariachikebenjamin How On Earth Will You Threaten A Married Woman Who Has A Male N Female Offspring To Leave Her Husband For You Or Die, You Dey Show Person Husband Watch N Car To Pepper Her, Kelvin Am So Ashamed Of You, All Of Us Dey Street.

You No Carry Woman Pass Anybody But We Can Never Make Home Miserable For Our Woman To The Point A Side Chick Calls Your Wife To Threaten Her Life, If What You Re Doing Is Right Why Are You Covering Your Face In Shame In This Video, My Own Na Make Nothing Happen To My Sister, Okwa Mmadu Nwe Ogodo Ewu Na Ata, If Anything Happens To My Sister”, Chiefpriest wrote.


On the contrary, Kelvin’s brother has attacked Chief priest as he reveals that he knows nothing about loyalty or respect, adding that his brother’s wife has always been cheating on Kelvin before their marriage crashed.

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He also said the socialite went too far with the dragging, stating he should respect people’s privacy as his sister’s dirty secrets are yet to be unleashed to the world.

According to him, his brother left the marriage in 2018 before Maria came into his life, stating his wife never gave him peace of mind. She drove the entire family away from his own brother’s house, even though his brother had invested immensely in Cubana Chief priest’s club.

He said that his brother was dying silently in marriage but he kept his peace for the love of his children and family and although they tried to make the marriage, how long will the man keep trying with a woman that drags his name through every mud of shame she finds available.

According to him, his brother’s wife drove the entire family away from her home, and they don’t even visit there anymore. He said his brother focused on his wife and forgets his family and his mother like he was under a spell to forget his family but they did not complain as they left them in peace and moved on with their lives.

He claimed that his mother lived in their old abandoned house in Ngwa RD in Aba because his brother was splurging his resources in clubs of the same man who’s dragging him today.

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He went further to blast Cubana Chief Priest for going to far with this by coming out to spill details about his brother’s marriage and tarnish Maria’s image.

He wrote:

Every family get mad man for corner wey just dey hibernate. Man cheat and woman been cheating since 1960. if we begin talk wetin your so called sister Dey do inside her marriage for public everywhere go scatter. make everybody respect themselves for this social media. @cubana_chiefpriest you went too far with this bullshit. You know nothing about loyalty and respect.

See his post below,



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