Home News Inflation: Nigeria doing better than USA, Canada, Russia, Spain – Keyamo

Inflation: Nigeria doing better than USA, Canada, Russia, Spain – Keyamo


The Minister of States for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, has said Nigeria is doing better than major countries in the word in terms of the percentage of rise in inflation rate.

According to Keyamo, the nation fared better than the United States of America, Canada, Russia, Spain and others in the way the inflation is increasing.

Keyamo spoke Friday while featuring on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria said Nigeria’s rise in inflation in just five per cent increase from 2020 when the world locked down due to COVID-19 pandemic.

According to him, other countries across the world had their inflation rate increased in a percentage that is way higher than that of Nigeria.

“With what we have gone through in the last seven years, Nigeria has done well in a context of macro global economy of major countries across the world.

“The inflation rate was hovering around 13 per cent in 2020 around the pandemic. Now we are doing 18 per cent. Which is about five per cent.

“We are better than major countries around the world like the United States of America, like Canada, like Russia, like Spain, like Germany. Go and fact-check me. I am not saying their inflation is 18 per cent. I am talking about the percentage of increase. In other words, we have tried to keep inflation down more than major countries.

“In fact, Ghana is worse. Ghana did 19 percent in term of increase. Ghana inflation now is about 29 or 30 per cent. We are doing 18 per cent. USA, Canada, Germany and others are hovering between 10 per cent and seven per cent, higher than Nigeria that is doing five per cent. It could have been worse, that’s the point I’m making,” Keyamo said.

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  1. He could had given us the comparative effects of the inflation rate on the people of Nigeria, Ghana, U.S. A, Germany, e.t.c. in terms of their living wage and standard of living. So, it is not enough for him to had concluded that Nigeria is doing better only on his knowledge of rate differences, his failure to bring to view the pros and coins of inflation in the various economies exposed his shallow knowledge of the topic. However, his conscience sold on the platter of morsel of bread can never be sufficient to defend this clueless government to save the country from the economic quagmire.


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