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Man Narrates How Police Officers Allegedly Asked Him To Strip Naked ‘Before Beating His Manhood’




Japheth Mutinda

A 22-year-old man from Mumoni, Kitui County has narrated how he was allegedly assaulted by police officers from Ngungani police station in Kenya while in their custody.

Japheth Mutinda who is currently nursing injuries on his private part as a result of the alleged assault, told a local TV station that his agony began after he asked a commercial motorcyclist to take him to his house after having a few drinks from a local bar. He said the rider agreed to take him home for a Ksh50 fee.

He however claimed that midway into their journey home, the rider refused to honor their initial agreement and demanded double pay. Japheth said a disagreement ensued, leading to the rider allegedly assaulting him.

He said;

“I had told the Boda Boda rider to take me home after having a few drinks at a bar. The rider, however, stopped midway demanding a double payment of the initial agreement which I could not afford at the moment. I asked him to allow me to pay the amount he needed the following day but he refused.”

Japheth added that the rider went ahead to report him to the area’s assistant chief, framing him for beating him up. The assistant chief in the company of police officers from Ngugani then went to Japhet’s home to arrest him following the report.

He added;

“During my arrest, the police asked me to give out a knife I used to threaten the Boda Boda rider. When I told them I don’t have a knife, they threatened me that if I couldn’t provide the alleged knife, they will take me to an unknown destination.”

Upon getting to Ngugani police station, Japheth alleged that police officers asked him to strip naked and started beating him while asking him to produce the knife.  He claimed that it was during the beating that the police left him with injuries on his private part and his back.

Japheth is currently receiving treatment at Mwingi Level IV Hospital, as he calls upon the Independent Police Oversight Authority to investigate the matter and take stern action against the police officers who allegedly assaulted him.


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