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Mercy Johnson reacts, Visits Her Daughter Purity’s School after being accused of beating and humiliating her daughter’s school teacher with thugs (VIDEO)



Actress Mercy Johnson has angrily visited the school of her daughter Purity to clarify things after a lady claimed she bullied the teacher in question and brought thugs to beat the head teacher of the school just because she is a celebrity.

Mercy Johnson posted online calling out a teacher in her daughter Purity’s school for bullying her just because she hates Mercy Johnson and her movies warning that no one can transfer the hate you have for her to her children and she will never tolerate that.

A lady with another version of the whole issue also posted countering the words of Mercy Johnson saying she bullied the teacher and even called tags to beat the head teacher because she is a celebrity insinuating that Nercy Johnson lied about what she wrote.

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The lady went as far as saying Mercy Johnson didn’t train her children very well and in order to clear all this, the actress went back to the school and went live online to ask the teachers who were all present whether she did all that the lady accused her of.

So as a man, you brought your soldier dogs to beat up a woman, aren’t you ashamed?”

From the responds of one particular teacher, Mercy Johnson never did any of that neither did her husband and as a matter of fact, they didn’t even meet the head teacher of the school yesterday hence they only reported the issue in her absence.

It’s sad how some people try to ruin the hard earned reputation of others and we all know that Mercy Johnson going to the school to do a live video just to prove that the lady lied against her shows how angry and serious this case is for her as it involves her kids and their sanity.

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Video below;



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