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Nigeria Would Have Been Poorer Without Igbo – Gowon


Former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, on Thursday said he believes in the bright future of the country and Igbo.

Gowon attributed the country’s current economic potentials to the people of the Southeast.

He said the country would be very poor, if not for the Igbos, who have made it a complete one.

Gowon spoke at an event in Abuja, titled: “Debate for National Unity: Federal Character, Restructuring and Rotation of Presidential Power in Nigeria”, organised by Igbo Leadership Development Foundation.

Speaking through the former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Obadiah Mailafia, Gowon stressed that absence of Igbo intelligence and hard work, Nigeria would not be at its current state.

He maintained that God did not make mistake in putting Igbo in Nigeria.

According to Gowon, in a democracy, there have to be fairness, justice and transparency in the leadership and governance of a country.

“I am not a friend of hate speech and bitterness but a friend of patriotism because Nigeria is dear to my heart and I believe in bright future of Nigeria and Igbo and that together, we can make our country great.”

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  1. Really untrue!!!. Are igbis dashing nigerians money?Is there main business of importation helping us or making us dependent on foreing goods instead of developing ours? Is our foreign exchange not beeing wasted on tgeir inportation of finished goods instead of machinery for production of our needs? What then will you say about the Sothsourh whose crude oik we are mining and selling to get foreing exchange? Are tgey not tge ones feeding nigeria and making us “unpoor”? Are you and tge other Northern leaders and your southern collaborators not dumb enough to steal or mismanage our resources and life till we are poor now” Have we not been poor already? MR. GOWONS CONCLUSION IS WRONG TOTALLY.


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