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Ondo massacre: Low turnout in Owo churches


Many worshippers stayed away from churches in Owo, Ondo state on Sunday following last week terrorists attack at the St Francis Catholics in the town.

Fewer Worshippers attended the Sunday service in some churches visited.

Speaking with newsmen some of those who stayed away said they did so for fear of the unknown.

Another resident of Owo, Mrs Olaitan Akindele, who said she will prefer praying at home for now said “we are still traumatised over the attacks and have no intention to attend church service until total peace and normalcy are restored,”

“My family decided to pray at home for now, at least to get over this trauma, many of our people are still lying critically ill at the hospital. God understands our situation.

“I will stop attending church programmes for some time until the government provides security around worship centres. I will pray and worship God in my house. There is no security anywhere,” she said

However, those who attended said they believed the assailants will stay off the town for now with the number of security operatives drafted to the town and its environs.

An Octogenarian, Pa Samuel Ogumodede, said “we will continue to pray to God to restore peaces to the world and this ugly attack should not stop us from worshipping God.

“Many people are still traumatised over the attack and they are scared of coming to church but I know with time, things will return to normal.

“But we must all be vigilant , we must not leave security in the hands of government alone, security should be everybody’s concern whether you are in your house or you are in the market or in the church or you are in the Mosque.

Meanwhile, security operatives deployed to the town by the inspector General of were seen moving around the town.

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