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Oyetola’s belated adventure on APC crisis, a ruse after all


The idea of reconciliation in Osun APC at this time is to castrate Aregbesola fatally. Your Excellency Former Governor and Minister, it is not your blame nor fault to have been fooled the first time for it can happen to anybody even Prophets of God. Those who fooled you are the real fools because they stooped to fool you. Shame on them for fooling you just once. However if you become fooled again, with greatest respect you shall be called the biggest fool I feel sorry to use this word freely. And those who fooled you will claim wizardry. Therefore be sure you are taking the best decision in this dance of disloyalty in your Osun APC. Two former Governors in the history of Osun State have had to embark on Hijrah in politics at some points namely late Governor Adetunji Adeleke and Governor Oyinlola Olagunsoye. Anything and whatever will bail you out of this undeserved fate will be appropriate even if it calls for you to consider a political Hijrah. At your pace, level, and stature in Nigeria, you will do your army of followers eternal evil to opt for a retirement at your prime. I understand that you are a federal cabinet member under the same party that has now turned to victimize you despite that you were pivotal to the change in baton in the country in 2015 which heralded the APC. This makes it more cumbersome for you to take a step but a man have got be firm occasionally in a lifetime. Notwithstanding, I pray for you to be graceful of the wisdom of God for guidance so that you can take the best decision. May Allah guide you and lead you aright. I feel emotional that the neophyte you helped to stardom wrongly or rightly humiliated you in this tussle of power control and party supremacy. If God wills, I wish you conquest Rauf Aregbesola. Wait no more and more importantly sound the alarm bell unto your army of followers to travel ahead of you. May we not labour in vain in life but this prayer point can only be a reality in your personal life if a new Governor emerges in Osun State in 2022 apart from Mr Gboyega Oyetola.

I am Akintunde Bello Sheriff ABS


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