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Payments, Settlements Of Investors Have Never Stopped, Titan Farms Refutes Non-payment Claims


Titan Farms Multibusiness Limited has refuted the claim that its has stopped paying its investors for a period of time.

Speaking during an interview session with journalists on Wednesday at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Press Center, Iyaganku Ibadan, the CEO and founder of Titan Farms Multibusiness Limited, Aare Gbenga Eyiolawi, said his company has in fact paid over five hundred and fifty million to their investors between the month of July that the payment issues started through December 2021.

Aare Eyiolawi, who was duly represented by Mrs. Ayoola Olaniyi, who doubles as the company Public Relationship Officer (PRO) and Customers Relationship Manager (CRM), stated that that though there were insinuations in some quarters that the company suspended investment offers because it wanted to made away with investors’ money, stating that the reasons behind the suspension were totally different.

Mrs. Ayoola stated that the company has stopped taking investment when Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s deadline for registration got due and the company has not met the requirements for registration at the time, hence a letter was also sent to SEC to notify them the company is aeare of the deadline and terms of registration.

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“Payment of investors has never stopped as well as settlement of investors with considerations other than cash. The process may have been slow but has remained steady over time, and, we intend to continue and even scale up the payment process till all outstanding to investors are settled.

“Regarding the date, as it stands, we have disappointed so many people by giving dates since we cannot pay/settle everyone at the same time. Some of these dates failed not because we intend for them to, but the agitations from investors that most times disrupt business and the rumors damaging the brand image.

“Also, these dates failed because certain expectations on which the dates were fixed failed. We cannot be giving excuses why a date failed, rather we take responsibility for them and see how to redeem the disappointment and business as well,” she partly said.


The Management said investors’ roles can not only mitigate but ameliorate the current situation as pertain to the company’s image. Hence investors are asked to stop cyberbully, allow company to do business in peace without the fear of attacks from investors or third parties, and blackmail allegedly orchestrated by some people by posting damaging posts on social media and using that to request for money.


“In fact, it only makes things harder because you don’t expect people to do business with a firm with a bad reputation and if we don’t do business, how do we pay? Stopping this will help keep the staff members, their families, and loved ones from harm while they focus on the recovery process of the company.”


Titan Farms Management solicits for continued support, patience and understanding on the investors during this trying time.


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