Home Politics People Talk: On N2.9bn car loan approval for Bayelsa governor

People Talk: On N2.9bn car loan approval for Bayelsa governor


“The decision to grant the N2.9 billion loan to the Bayelsa governor is irrational to start with, and the House of Assembly shouldn’t have approved the loan.

“That amount of money can be used to settle outstanding salaries. This shows that the governor doesn’t have the interest of his people at heart. All they think about is themselves.” -Sele Isaac Bature, Corps Member

“What a waste! Instead of investing N2.9 billion on building schools, health centres, empowering the masses and other social amenities, they are enriching themselves.

“Are the cars going to provide all these things to the masses? No. The approval needs to be reviewed because this is an act of greed and corruption.” -Dodo Petlong, Corps Member 

“It’s disturbing to hear that the governor sought and got approval for purchase of cars worth N2.9 billion in less than a month after his instalment as governor.

“Didn’t past administrations purchase cars? Must they change cars simply because they are in the corridors of power? N2.9 billion would have been appreciated if a ‘mass transportation system’ was acquired.” -Mercy Agati, Social Media Practitioner

“Constitutionally, the approval by the House was duly assented to by the one-third quorum and also a valid motion moved by the House leader, Hon. Obolo.

“I deem it onerous, that the first move of the governor would be to take N2.9 billion loan for cars, knowing full well that the state is in no condition for extraneous debts.” -Uche Ekwunife, Law student

“This is hilarious, why would they approve such a loan for cars? How did we get here? Meanwhile, we have serious issues that need urgent attention and need to be taken care of.

“This is extremely outrageous and it is a pity that these people don’t put the citizens into consideration and all they are after is their own selfish interests.” -Adebayo Muheez, Public Analyst

“Why spend such a ridiculous amount of money on purchase of vehicles? Have the government functionaries been trekking before now? To cap it all, a loan is being used for purchase of cars.

“It’s high time they understood that any decision that has no impact on the governed should not be allowed to stand.” -Eleazer Babalola, Linguist

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