Home Entertainment Segalink slams Lagos State over Okada ban as Lagosians cry out

Segalink slams Lagos State over Okada ban as Lagosians cry out


Segun Awosanya aka Segalink has reacted to the ban placed on motorcycles and tricycles by the Lagos State Government.

The ban popularly known as Okada ban and Keke ban took effect on February 1 leaving Lagosians with great discomfort in traveling from location to location within the state.

Reacting to the ban, Segalink tweeted:

“This right here shows the level of disconnect of this admin with the people they ought to serve. I strongly believe there are people working tenaciously to ensure the admin fails from within. You reneged on your promises to these people with militarized sanctions yet you pat yourself on the back in delusion by describing this as compliance as though this was an agreement or based on mutual understanding? Where in the world do Govt oppressively take people’s livelihood without creating an alternative first? This is not Governance!

“Dear Lagosians, You are slowly becoming the people you ought to have been a long time ago. The power belongs to you in a democracy and those in public service ought to be accountable to you and do your will and not the other way round. It stops when you say ENOUGH. #EndImpunity

“This is how they defined compliance in a democracy. I’ve often said that people coerced into marrying the ideas of identity politics of hate and oppression will always be widowed in no distant future. We are not at war yet untold hardship is unconscionably weaponized for control”.

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