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Top 5 Live-score Websites For 2021


Football is the most popular sport in the world and every day there are millions of supporters who watch the matches on TV/streaming or, if possible, attend the games.

The passion for a sport like football goes beyond the simple event, but the fans are also very interested in the latest news, data and statistics in real-time: however, they cannot always watch the games on TV but to stay informed they use real-time scores websites.

These websites are very popular and receive millions of visitors on a daily basis.

They are really useful for bettors, for professionals (journalists, data collectors, talent scouts, etc) but also for simple football fans who do not want to miss even a statistic of their favorite matches.

In this article we will consider the five most important real-time scores websites in the world, briefly analyzing their features and strengths.


Livescore.com is without a doubt the most popular website in the world when it comes to real-time football statistics. Over the years, livescore.com has become a reference point for all football fans and bettors who want to check live scores, adding features that are increasingly focused on offering the best service. 

Livescore.com provides data and statistics on thousands of football matches on a daily basis and you can find the whole international football schedule available on the website. Through the livescore.com app (iOS + Android) you can activate live notifications for your favorite matches, so as to have all the statistics in the palm of your hand in real-time.

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Futbol24.com has the largest livescore offer on the market. Through futbol24.com you can view real-time data and statistics of international matches, from Albania to Venezuela, passing through the most important European leagues and competitions between national teams. 

It is possible to select different leagues to check the progress of the matches in real-time: by clicking on “remember my league” you will always be in touch with your favorite matches without having to select them from time to time.

Futbol24.com is a very intuitive and extremely complete website, even if the graphics are very “vintage”. 

For sure futbol24.com is a website suitable for bettors and football enthusiasts who want to follow the results live with a complete international schedule.


Footlive.com offers a wide range of livescore related services, such as the latest news on international football and complete statistics of all matches which have been already played.

On footlive.com It is possible to select any team in the world panorama (classified in alphabetical order) to see all the upcoming matches and past games.

Data and statistics are available on virtually all teams in international leagues, including women’s teams and youth teams.

On footlive.com you can check statistics and data of the international football scene – the top 5 European leagues are listed on top of the menu – and you can select some favorite teams or leagues so as to always have the results under control in real-time.

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Sofascore.com is one of the most comprehensive livescore websites available on the net, as well as undoubtedly a favorite with bettors all over the world.

In fact, Sofascore.com not only provides updated statistics, data and results on all matches in the international football scene but also gives updated live and pre-match odds on many games. 

Through sofascore.com you can consult the rankings of the national leagues, the FIFA rankings and many other data, also used by football experts such as television journalists and football commentators.

The official sofascore.com app for iOS and Android devices is also available.


Goal.com is certainly, among those mentioned in this article, the most complete website, talking about football in all its aspects. Goal.com is primarily a football-breaking news-based website, which offers many online services such as real-time livescore. 

Goal.com cannot be considered on a par with other sites, as it does not offer a total overview of the statistics and results of all the world leagues, but only of the most important ones, including other sporting events such as the Olympics.

However, goal.com is an important platform for football supporters as it is a real hub that deals with football in all its aspects, giving very interesting information, statistics and news for fans, bettors and professionals.

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