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We Can Have A Society Free Of Drug Offences, Ndlea Officer Tells Corps Members


The Head of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on camp, SN Abdulrauf Danjuma, while enlightening the 2021 Batch B stream 2 Corps Members on drug abuse and its attendant effects, made it known that the society can be free from drug offences.

In his lecture on Wednesday, Danjuma expounded what drug abuse entails, defining drug as “any liquid or solid substance, capsule or tablet, or injection, when taken into the body, either by injecting or oral intake changes the function of the body”.
“Drug misuse is the intake of drugs out of prescription,” he added.

Speaking further, SN Danjuma highlighted the factors responsible for drug abuse, such as peer group pressure, ignorance, availability of the substance, environmental influence, parental involvement in drugs, among others.

In addition, he went on to emphasise the steps to take in living a drug-free life, including staying focused, reverencing God, respecting constitutional authorities and setting goals for oneself.

He warned Corps Members against engaging in drug abuse as it has adverse effect on the individual, family and the society at large. According to him, drugs abuse cause brain and liver damages, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, loss of jobs, family issues and even suicidal tendencies.

Conclusively, SN Danjuma stated that most of the drugs advertised on social media are harmful to health, and as a result, should be taken only on prescription by physicians.


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