How can I locate someone else’s iPhone?

Looking for a way to locate an iPhone? We’ve carried out a number of searches based on the opinions of other users. They mention techniques that they consider to be effective. The Coup d’Œil teams have tested these methods, focusing on their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the best methods for locating someone’s iPhone.

Via the “Find My Friends” option

In 2019, the ‘Find My Friends’ feature was combined with the ‘Find My iPhone’ option when iOS 13 was released. This feature which allows an iPhone user to locate their friends or relatives. Integrated with Apple’s Find My Network, this feature requires authorisation to monitor children as part of parental controls.

On your iPhone, go to “Find My”. Three tabs will appear at the bottom of your screen. Click on the two people tab, the old “Find My Friends” logo, and the list of your contacts with whom you have shared geolocation data will appear.

Locating with Find My iPhone

Just like the “Find My Friends” option. This feature is now part of Apple’s Find My Network. Significantly improved, the “Find My iPhone” option can now be used to locate a lost or stolen iPhone even when it is switched off.

As was the case before, to use it, you’ll need to know the ID of the phone you want to locate. Go to your iPhone settings, select the “Find My” option and then “Find My iPhone”. To do this, you’ll need to log in with the credentials of the iPhone you want to locate.

Thanks to this feature, you can access a map showing the location of the iPhone even when it is switched off.

Locate an iPhone with mSpy iPhone Locator

If you’re looking for a way to locate someone’s iPhone, mSpy iPhone Locatori is an interesting online application. With no installation required, this online site lets you track a smartphone of any type. mSpy iPhone Locator also works with all operators. With this application, you can locate someone with their free mobile number.

First you need to enter the phone number of the device you want to track. The site then sends a tracking link to the phone. To accept the tracking, the targeted phone must click on the link. This will then allow you to determine its location on a map.

mSpy iPhone Locator’s services for locating an iPhone with its number are subject to a charge. However, iPhone geolocation is highly accurate.

How do I locate an iPhone with mSpy?

The mSpy surveillance application can help you geolocate an iPhone. However, this application does not allow you to locate a mobile phone for free without authorisation. mSpy is, in fact, a paying solution. This is because the resources and work involved in developing it are considerable.

Here are the iPhone geolocation features provided by mSpy.

iPhone tracking

Whether it’s an iPhone or another type of smartphone, mSpy can help you track another person’s device. To do this, it has a well-developed geolocation feature. This allows you to monitor the GPS position in real time. You can locate the target iPhone on a detailed map from a private control panel on your phone. You can also access data on the date and time of locations.

Geofencing or georeferencing function

mSpy lets you define geographical zones where your target can be safely located. This could be your home, workplace or any other type of location. In this way, you can monitor all their movements to make sure they are in a safe place. You receive alerts on your phone via your control panel when they enter or leave a predefined security zone.


In this article, we’ve explained the different ways of finding out how to locate another iPhone. For the first two solutions mentioned above, you need to know the user IDs of the targeted iPhone. The only way to find out how to locate someone is with the mSpy surveillance application. Of course, you must comply with the law when you want to locate an iPhone. You must inform the owner before installing the software on the phone you want to track. This solution is useful for geolocating members of your family. For parents, this type of application helps to reassure you and check that your children are safe.

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